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Convert and Distribute Spooled Files

ESEND distributes files and reports by email, bursts pages, manages output queues, and emails spooled and IFS files in different formats.

Could you use a tool that can automatically burst and distribute report information to users? A tool that manages output queues, archives spooled files, eliminates report distribution hassles, reduces your paper and shipping costs, improves information access, and saves you time and effort? A tool with an intuitive, easy‑to‑use interface that helps you tailor your output to your requirements? ESEND is that tool.

Reduce Costs Dramatically

ESEND converts spooled file output to PDF, HTML, and other popular formats suitable for electronic delivery  (it even works with your existing form overlays). You can completely eliminate the cost of manually printing, bursting, and mailing hardcopy reports.

Eliminate Hassles and Improve Access

ESEND’s automated bursting and collation functions remove the hassles of manual report distribution. It reduces the delays of manual processing and shipping by delivering reports using email, FTP, or the web. Your users get the most up‑to‑date business information faster and each recipient sees only the reports they’re supposed to see.

Save Time and Stay Secure

ESEND uses output queue monitoring and distribution lists to automate your report distribution process. You can even use ESEND commands in CL programs or a job scheduler to automate your entire report distribution cycle. And, ESEND archives output queues to help you keep critical information secure.

It’s time to reduce costs, eliminate hassles, and improve report distribution. Learn more.

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