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True Data Empowerment

Program, File, and Field Cross-Referencing

ABSTRACT simplifies your development tasks and helps you be more productive, whether you’re maintaining applications or developing new ones.

Do you want to remove the tedium of System i application development and maintenance? Do you spend too much time tracking the relationships between your files and your programs, or waste time tracking and making last minute changes to programs because files changed? Do you want to be able to quickly and easily create a “where‑used” cross-reference of your system objects? You need ABSTRACT.

ABSTRACT is an integrated set of cross-referencing, documentation, and programming tools for System i development projects. It tracks object and field usage, relationships between objects, and other important reference information to build a where‑used cross‑reference of system objects and to help you analyze your applications.

ABSTRACT data sets make it easy to keep the cross-reference information for several applications distinct. You can categorize different types of applications (such as production versus development) and maintain the documentation for each one in its own database. The information in each data set remains independent throughout your analysis, reporting, and development phases.

ABSTRACT has everything you need, including graphical flowcharting for documenting and analyzing your applications. Just use its menu options to edit source code, view object usage, re‑create file relationships, or perform many other actions. And, you can choose from any of these easy-to-use interfaces: WebSphere Development Studio, iSeries Navigator, or 5250 Host (green screen).

A new, faster, easier System i development environment is waiting for you—click here to learn more about ABSTRACT.

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