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ESEND automatically emails System i spooled files and PC files on the IFS in a variety of formats, and can even use FTP to send System i database files or IFS files across servers. You can use its intuitive, easy-to-use menu options and default settings to tailor your email distribution to your requirements, and to back up or archive output queues.

ESEND offers a wide range of email distribution options for reports and files, spooled file archival, and output queue forwarding capabilities for the System i, at a fraction of the cost of competitive solution:

  • Save money on paper and shipping costs
  • Save time and effort
  • Eliminate manual report distribution hassles
  • Improve your information access
  • Easily archive important information

Email and FTP Report Distribution and Spooled File Archival

You can use ESEND from a command line, from menus, or you can call ESEND commands within a program or job scheduler, such as Robot/SCHEDULE, to automate email or FTP delivery in your day-to-day operations. ESEND even includes a plug-in to the System i Navigator.

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Emailing a spooled file has never been easier. You can use the System i Navigator to define your rules for bursting and distributing spooled files using email or FTP.

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ESEND is very easy to install and use. You’ll be able to email or FTP files minutes after installation. You can even set up a complex report distribution process in a day.

Email Attachments
ESEND handles up to 300 attachments per message, with a maximum message size of 16 MB. You can even embed attachments in the body of the message. You can include graphics with a spooled file, as well as merge HTML headers (before) and footers (after) a spooled file report in the email. 

Spooled Files
You can send spooled files to other System i servers in standard spooled file format. And, you can convert spooled files to HTML, RTF, PDF, or TXT format to post on your company’s website or to distribute externally.
Database Files
Send System i file data in binary mode to remote System i server to preserve packed data (the target file must exist on the remote system).
Distribution Lists
You can define email and FTP address lists in external physical file members for broadcast delivery.
Easy-To-Use Menu Options
ESEND offers intuitive, easy-to-use menu options.
Use ESEND’s default settings to tailor your email to your requirements. Email messages may include ‘date sent’ information and as many as six lines of signature text.
Advanced Function Printing (AFP) and Form Overlay Support
ESEND works with AFP spooled files (including the conversion of AFP to PDF format) and supports form overlays.
System i Navigator Plugin
Use the System i Navigator to define your rules for bursting and distributing spooled files using email or FTP.
Report Distribution
Automatically burst spooled files to multiple recipients to distribute reports.
Distribution Address Books
Integrate SMTP addresses on the System i into existing distribution lists, or create new ones.
Spooled File Manager
Easily manage spooled files.
Output Queue Forwarding
Automatically monitor output queues and distribute spooled files using email or FTP. Archive your spooled files in the IFS in a variety of PC formats.


When you team SEQUEL, data access and analysis software for IBM i, with ESEND, you can send your SEQUEL view results to users anywhere. The SEQUEL output commands work with ESEND so that you can email or FTP SEQUEL view results in a variety of PC file formats.


Team ABSTRACT, a set of integrated cross-referencing, documentation, and programming tools, with ESEND to automatically email System i spooled files and PC files on the IFS. Use its intuitive, easy-to-use menu options to tailor your email to your requirements.


Need a more robust report management solution? Check out Robot/REPORTS, report management software from HelpSystems, for automated management, distribution, and archival of your System i reports.

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